Tips to Work Through Writer’s Block

woman on laptop

It’s every writer’s worst nightmare: Writer’s Block.


Nothing seems to be coming out correctly. Every word you write down feels trite. You have a million ideas and not a single one feels good enough to actually pursue. You’re just….stuck.


Don’t worry. The good news is that you are not the first or the last author to experience writer’s block, and contrary to popular belief, there really are ways to get through it. Here are a few tried and tested ways that fellow writers like yourself power through their mental blocks. Work through a few of these exercises, and the words will be flowing before you know it.

Move Around

This may seem counterintuitive, but sometimes all you need to do is get the blood flowing in your body. Stagnation of the mind can be directly linked to the stillness of the body. Your movement can be as simple as a short walk to as involved as a yoga session. Connect with your breath, refocus, and then sit back down. You’d be shocked by how a little blood flow through the body will help get the brain functioning freely again.


Write In the Morning

If your writer’s block is ongoing, try to get your ideas flowing as soon as you wake up. If you aren’t breaking your REM cycle, you’ll wake up with your brain in Theta wave mode (which in simple terms is “dream mode”). Scientists have found that theta waves are related to vivid imagery and creativity, so getting your creative juices flowing while you still have access to those brain waves can be huge for your productivity.


Embrace Freewriting

Writing may not seem like the solution to your problem with…writing. But freewriting is different than trying to create a specific structure and/or storyline. Free writing helps you to free your brain from the pressure of perfection, and allows for the gathering of ideas and thoughts on a general topic. If a topic feels like too much, just write whatever you want. Don’t worry about grammar and punctuation; just allow your brain to come up with anything, and get it all down. Free writing will allow you to get back in touch with the creativity that may have been trapped by a deadline or specific frame of thinking that you’ve been working through.


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